Welcome on labsch.net

Welcome on my new network, labsch.net!
“Uh, network? What’s that all about?!” – Good question, and here’s the answer for you:

When I started my first website years ago, I threw in everything I wanted to talk about. Development topics, personal stuff, photography, articles about my hobbies and so on. Long story short: my website was terribly crowded! To clean up this mess I decided to split the content up into several mini websites under the network labsch.net. So what’s there to discover? Not so much so far 😉

My personal website: matthias.labsch.net

On my personal website I will share my personal insights into my life as a professional web developer, my handicap and (hopefully) interesting things about my hobbies such as scale modeling and (board) games. It will take some time to get the thing started again, but I’m full of ideas what to write, so please bear with me and come again later!

What’s up next?

I’m planning to release a new website about photography in this network, because the presentation will slightly differ from the current one you can see right now. I want to show some galleries as well as small articles about photo series I have in mind, e. g. about my home town Freiburg or the Black Forest in general.